January bookshelf – Reading Recommendations

The books I’ve read in January are here and we have a little bit of everything. Poetry, Romanian authors, and some 1000 pages of historical fiction. I hope you enjoy these recommendations and find some inspiration for your next readings.

1. Nu te gasesc pe nicaieri by Laura Ionescu. I’ve read this book in a couple of hours on the flight back from Romania to San Francisco. Laura is a contemporary Romanian author who writes this memoir from immense love and sorrow. It’s a book that describes the Romanian family environment in the ‘90s, as the country and its people were trying to find their new identity by leaving communism behind. A tale of love and loss between a mother and her daughter, written beautifully painful, that took me back to my own childhood.

2. The pillars of the earth by Ken Follet. Until I picked up this book in my hands, I did not know I like to read this kind of historical fiction that centers its action around knights and kings in 12th century England. As the author said, he was surprised to realize that a book that is essentially about a man’s journey to build a cathedral would become so popular. The book is the first one of three books, plus a prequel. As I finish reading the last pages, I cannot wait to pick up the next book and follow the characters’ journey.

3. home body by Rupi Kaur. A gift I received for Christmas turned into a pleasant surprise, as I have not read a book of poetry in a long time. Rupi’s poetry is an intimate conversation about love, pain, growth, reflection, and self-love. Her poetry is personal, profound and the feeling I was left at the end of the book is that the less you say, the more powerful your message is.

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