End of Summer Reading List

Summer does not look like it’s ending anytime soon in California, so the longer the days, the more time I spend reading books by the pool with an iced matcha latte in my hand.  Below are the three books I’ve read in August.

Everything Inside by Edwidge Danticat

This is the last book I’ve read in August, but I am starting with it first because it was an unexpected discovery.  Also, Danticat just became one of my favorite writers. In her book, she writes eight intimate, absorbing stories about those who stay, those who leave and the forces that pull all of us together. Her stories are like opening doors into other people’s lives, allowing readers to witness the Haitian diaspora’s love, fear, loss, and sense of belonging

The Lost Children by Valeria Luiselli

Another book I’ve read this month centers around immigration. Luiselli worked as a translator and interpreter for an immigration court that handles Central American children who arrived at the United States border seeking sanctuary. Luiselli’s job was to administer a 40-questions questionnaire to children who would arrive without an adult at the border. Based on their answers, a judge will decide if the child can receive asylum or be deported. Most unaccompanied children come from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, and on their journey, they suffer unimaginable abuses. Why did you come to the United States? is the first question in the questionnaire. What can a five-year-old answer to that question that would make a judge allow them to reunite with their family in the US?

Horizontal Vertigo: A City Called Mexico by Juan Villoro

Oh, this book was such a delight to read. Villoro is a keen observer of his city, its people and the forces that move one of the world’s greatest metropolises. He writes with such intimacy and familiarity about the city’s cultural, political and social aspects that only those who’ve spent some time in the Aztec capital can truly grasp the meaning of his observations. The book makes a great gift for Chilangos, who grew up in Mexico City in the 60s and want to embark on an epic journey of the past, the present and everything in between. The book is also available in Spanish. 

What have you read this summer? Comment below and share with me your favorite readings.

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